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Wonky Tudor Houses.

I haven’t written for a while, I still have no computer and I find it difficult to write on hand held devices.
Husband went away in March to Budapest and Bratislava, his phone wouldn’t work there so he didn’t contact me. I did think that his phone may not be working but then I thought if that was me I would get on the internet somehow and email that my phone wasn’t working, hence I then started to imagine him dead, beaten up and mugged or under the wheels of a moving vehicle due to confusion over road left/ right differences. I imagined being all very sad and having to get his body back to Britain and buying a smaller two bedroom little house for me and my little daughter. He did of course turn up bigger and fatter and larger than life, I did feel a little brief pang of bereavement for the little two bedroomed house that would have been all pretty and tidy but only for a fraction of a second!! Honest… :-/
Today is Good Friday, a long weekend, family time. People romanticise family time. The reality is that it’s impossible to please everybody, children moan and whine if you make them walk far and take them to look at ” interesting” places. Dogs are a burden and prevent you from going into many places, they whine and need to pee and poo in the most inappropriate places. Husbands listen to the most boring radio stations ever in the car, either old men droning on about obscure subjects or to deafening histrionic sport commentaries. Mine never seems to listen to any upbeat, mood lifting groovy tunes.
I much prefer family life when everybody is incarcerated in their own allocated holding place for the day, either to earn their living or get educated enough to enable them to earn their living, then we can spend small amounts of quality time together in the evenings before escaping to different rooms with electronic devices.
Having said that, once I’m back home, I’m glad that we made the effort to get out and that we were able to explore another little part of the world nearby. Lavenham today was very pretty and I did stare in wonder at the old wonky Tudor houses. Husband laughed when I asked if they were built a bit wonky to start with, apparently it’s movement over the centuries. I might google that in moment…

The Cold and Oil.

Today has been cold. I’ve been cold at work and cold at home. Husband and Practice Manager had both pre empted the ending of winter and the coming of summer and turned off the heating.
I had been getting nervous at home about the depleted oil tank. Living where a part of England comes to an end, miles from any town, there are no gas supplies. You have to ensure oil tanks are kept topped up if you don’t want the hot water tap to run cold and your radiators to remain icy to the touch. There are no monthly bills or direct debit payment plans. If you have no money you can’t buy oil. We are lucky that we still have coal fires and chimneys for those occasions when we have run out before, such as the freezing, snowy December of 2011 when oil tanks wouldn’t attempt to drive this far via snowy country lanes. This year our oil has lasted all through the winter months. Husband ordered 500 litres last week and it has been delivered today. I can now have a bath without the anxiety I’ve had over the last couple of weeks. He says we will probably need to order 1000 litres in August. We are both working, but it’s still a big outlay to find up to 500 pounds in one go. I wonder how other families who are struggling financially, manage? I expect many don’t and that they endure the cold.
I have oil but still no working computer!