I’m NOT a Dog Hater but what about the Pigs?

I was the last one up this morning, generally I am. D2 awakes at around 6am each morning, sneaks in for a quick cuddle and with cunning stealth tries to steal the iPad from husband’s side of the bed. He still pings awake like a small child, he has no sleepy in between, it’s either wide awake or fast asleep. As soon as Dog realises H is awake she’ll start her sharp, relentless barking until he takes her out for a walk at around 6.30 am. Sometimes as I lay in bed listening to the barking I do have fleeting, intrusive, violent thoughts, but don’t worry all you dog lovers out there, they only ever remain 6am thoughts. I’m not a dog hater, but neither am I a dog lover. In the main, the mess, the hair, the noise, the constant demands for attention, the smell, dribble, slobber, faeces, occasional vomit and the tie of having to get back or take with inappropriately, outweigh any benefits in my experience and opinion. People say about the love that they give. I’ve personally never felt the need to be loved by a dog. I’m very aware that it’s dangerous to voice any negative feelings towards furry creatures, it’s a crime greater than, well I don’t know, anything, eating little babies or shooting Grannies for instance. Many of those self-same dog lovers, treating their pets better than many humans are treated around the world. hypocritically munch away on bacon and sausages and battery farmed chickens without a thought for the suffering inflicted on these less aesthetically pleasing creatures. I like pigs, I wouldn’t like one as a pet anymore than a I like having a dog but I couldn’t eat one or even a little bit of one either and I haven’t done so for over 20 years. I could go on with graphic details of cruel animal husbandry from around the world but I don’t feel the need, people know already but choose not to think about it, yet they call themselves animal lovers because they pamper a pooch or two. It makes me cross.