The Humble Overlooked Beetroot Transformed into a Gorgeous Velvet Chocolate Cake

by nella503


I love beetroot, baked, boiled, pickled, grated raw in coleslaw or salad, curried…. Today I have a big bunch of it, I’ve decided to make a beetroot and chocolate cake. I’ve quickly scoured internet recipes. They all seemed fiddly and involved melting dark chocolate that I do not possess. So I’ve kept it simple and I’ve done my own thing. I had 360g of boiled peeled beetroot and I’ve then added in the 80gish of cocoa powder and 300gs of plain flour (50/50 wholemeal to plain), 360g of sugar, 360mls of oil, 4 eggs, 2 tsp. of bicarbonate of soda. I’ve split it into two sandwich tins and it’s now baking in the oven. I’ll update this blog when it comes out!!

Cake came out rather on the large side, I think I should have made one small one with half the ingredients. I did cream cheese icing and coloured it with beetroot juice. Not the best quality photo. It is very nice, a slight bitterness from the chocolate, I maybe could have put in a little less, but very yummy overall.