Of Men and Cakes.

by nella503

It’s very hard to go sugar-free when your work place resembles ‘The Great British Bake Off’. M is something of a feeder and frequently tries to fatten up all her colleagues with yummy baked goodies. J however isn’t, or rather hasn’t been to date. He came to work with a ginormous and very marvellous German Marble Pound Cake. He said it took him all day to bake, I can believe this, if J is going to do something he does do it properly. At his first attempt he used granulated sugar instead of caster sugar, on realising his mistake and doing a little research which stated that it might alter the texture slightly, he discarded the mix. It would have been fine and I was rather a little dismayed to hear this. In my own very personal experience with men and baking or cooking, they like to stick to the very exact letter of any recipe or cooking instructions, where as women folk, probably out of necessity, will improvise, alter and  experiment with happy abandon. I do of course know that many men cook out of necessity also, but traditionally and still even in this day, women do the majority of baking and cooking to feed their families. With men like J and my husband, when they decide to do something special, it’s more for entertainment, a hobby, art and they don’t want to fail in that endeavor.
Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, that I had to eat two lots of cake yesterday before attending the Elvis V Jackson curry night and it’s so very hard to keep within ones daily calorie limits when one has to work and socialise with people!