by nella503

I had a FB message from The Boy to say that he was too ill to go to school this morning, could I let them know.? I kinda feel that at aged 18+ students should be able to do this themselves, but no, the school still needs parents to authorise absence or it counts as unauthorised. I call him, we have an attempt at a chat, about A levels, one tutor is via a web cam rather than face to face. He still doesn’t know what he would like to do, or rather he does know what he’d like to do. He wants to play games as in video games, he will however have a stab at Uni or even at maybe getting a job, it depends on his grades. I’m not really sure if I feel reassured or not, mostly, I think it’ll all work out, somehow in someway for him and I don’t fret. D1 calls, she sent me a FB link to an article regarding sanitary towel production by a rural man in India, shocked at his new wife’s use of old rags that he wouldn’t even wash his bike with, he set out to manufacture affordable sanitary wear. It’s a wonderful article, even more impressive is that it comes from D1, who would put her fingers in her ears and sing ” la la la, I’m not listening” if I so much as mentioned anything to do with periods or feminine hygiene products in those early teenage years.
Mother called, she has had no electricity all day, I never found out the reason, half of the conversation was directed at B2’s dog.
FB today is mostly dedicated to pictures of people’s pancakes and the village mums requesting costume bits for world book day dressing up tomorrow, I’ve loaned out 2 witches hats and borrowed plaits on a head band.
H’s dog walking appears to have taken him to his mate the plumber who handily lives a couple of doors down from the pub.
D2 is sound asleep, exhausted from her Tower of London school trip, they did see the crown jewels!!
I have another day off tomorrow…..