Pink Tops and Purses

by nella503

Tomorrow, school is celebrating World Book Day (a day early) . It’s hard to believe that D2 does not own a pink top, she neeeeeds a pink top. She wants to be a character out of a Jacqueline Wilson book, I consider this and realise that I’m getting off lightly, a pink top and plaits, that’s it. No sewing, no make up, no accessories (last year I sat up past midnight making a pom pom Wilbur cat for Mini Winnie). I decide to pop into town, for pink top, lemon and eggs for pancakes.I park my car in a car park and head for the shops. I didn’t bother with a handbag, just keys and a purse. Somehow I manage to lose my Owl and The Pussycat purse between the car park and the shops. I don’t even have time to register this before Barclays bank contact me to say that my purse with bank cards has been handed in to them. I’m so happy!! I have lost purses on numerous occasions which is why in the main I prefer to just take one solitary card out with me. However, they are always returned. British people, in my own experience, have proved themselves to be 100% kind and honest with regard to lost purses.