Pancakes and Crown Jewels

by nella503

I was so absorbed in setting up a blog account last night that I forgot everything else, my electric blanket had been on for nearly three hours, lights were on everywhere, husband (H) came rampaging down the stairs a tad upset, incoherently raging about lights, electric, blankets, time… I left “experienced mum” for today.

D2 has a school trip to the Tower of London, she has been so excited. She made sure her lunch and snacks were packed last night; one wrap with houmous, red pepper and tomatoes, bag of crisps, one freshly baked wholemeal fruit scone, apple, pear and a cereal bar, one bottle of water, one bottle of squash. She followed me around this morning giving me a time count down “we mustn’t be late, have you cleaned your teeth, mum? I’m just going to check the list again”. Walking to school we met a yr 6 girl walking alone, they began chattering .. “pancakes mean nothing to us today, we’re going to see the Crown Jewels…pause…I still want pancakes though..will you do them for tea? mum?”  H passes me in the car as I walk back alone, he stops for a brief chat, he seems almost as excited as D2 re school trip, I feel a wave of affection for him as he drives off.