Babies and Parents in Practice- part 2- experienced mum

by nella503

My favourite is the third or fourth time mother, she balances a toddler with the new baby on her lap as she admonishes an errant older pre schooler jumping up and down on my scales. Deftly, she undoes the poppers one handed. Seeking informed consent I begin to tell her what immunisations we are going to give today, she interrupts with “don’t worry about all that nurse, just give ‘im what ‘e’s gotta  r’af, I don’t understand these mums who don’t wan ’em to ‘ave nuffink, ‘jections are important, we don’t want no diseases”. I agree with her as I immunise baby. She has baby dressed in a flash, laughs affectionately at his little red, bawling, angry face and stuffs him back in his pram with a cursory kiss, not bothering with safety straps. As I fill in the red book she gives the older jumping child a small slap for being naughty, then reaches into her bag to find sweets, previously promised for being ‘good’.  She exits the room, appearing to be unaware of the grizzling toddler clinging to her leg.