Babies with Parents in Practice

by nella503

I had three lots of babies for first immunisations today. I can tell a first time mum as soon as she enters the room, new pram, dad and gran hovering nervously behind her, baby carefully cradled. I explain the immunisation schedule and possible common side effects. Mum exclaims that she cannot possibly hold baby while she has her injections, however as she clutches baby to her it’s obvious that she doesn’t quite trust baby with anybody else either. Time’s ticking by, I assure mum that baby will be fine and urge her to sit down, she hands baby to dad and steps slightly away. I pounce, “lets get those little legs out”. Dad holds baby all awkwardly, I undo the babygro poppers and before baby has finished filling her lungs with air to enable an indignant wail, I’m done. I do up the poppers, as watching a new dad trying to align them, all nervous and flustered is always a sight too painful to witness. Mum snatches baby from dad, she and baby sob together, I hear the usual faint mutterings of “nasty, nurse, needles”. I fill in the red book, hand it back and remind them to book back in for four weeks time.  As the door shuts behind them and I enter batch numbers etc on the computer, I try to recall if I remembered to smile and coo at baby…..